What is HecatonCave?

HecatonCave is the world's first service to facilitate a new way for game publishers to generate profits. By using HecatonCave,
game publishers can vastly change the role of game players who used to play for free, generating little profit,
and transform them into revenue-generating players.
HecatonCave uses idle game terminal resources for blockchain mining when the game players are not active, with their permission.


Game players receive in-game items equivalent to the value mined and are thus able to better enjoy playing games for free. In addition, game publishers can create a new source of revenue through mining.

The Potential of HecatonCave


HecatonCave uses the monetization model that obtains rewards from blockchain mining and enables game designs that do not depend on the Gacha mechanic. Such changes through this monetization model contribute to an overall healthier game industry.
In addition, HecatonCave's monetization model is not impacted by income disparities and exchange rates between nations, which allows expansion into regions where entry used to be more difficult due to these reasons.

About the name


The name “HecatonCave” was coined by SmileMaker based on Hecatoncheires,the 100-armed giant of Greek mythology.
The service name reflects the concept of a cave excavated by the work of multitudes.

"Idle Explorer", first title in HecatonCave series,released.


Simple and fun battle RPG game based in world of fantasy and steampunk.


Press the "Excavation" button in order to get "Crystal" item for free (after a certain period of time).


Crystals can be exchanged for charming and powerful characters and equipment to enjoy the game even more.

 This service is no longer available.

Issues with Game Monetization

  • Issues with Game Monetization with Paying Element

    For games monetized with paying element, 90% of the revenues are generated through the Gacha mechanic, and the games are built around a business model that is supported by high spending from only a small proportion of paying players. This model has created an environment that produces games with many similarities in their designs, proving to be an impediment to the creation of novel games by developers and provision of new gaming experiences for players.

  • Issues with Game Monetization through Advertising

    The in-game display of advertising in games that monetize through ads hinders the gaming experience of players when advertising is excessive and can lead to a growing number of gamers quitting to play such games.In addition, in-game advertising includes many ads for other games which are not being played at that moment, generating the risk of losing players to other games.

An Explanation of Terminology

What Is Blockchain Technology?

The term blockchain refers to decentralized network databases and decentralized ledger technologies that are in sharp contrast to the centralized databases primarily used today.
Blockchain technology is known for its fundamental role in such virtual currencies as Bitcoin. It promotes a unification of data formats and management methods and makes information falsification difficult, lending itself a broad array of applications and a high level of trustworthiness. These reasons have brought on the explosive global adoption of blockchain technology.
The needs for blockchain technology as well as mining that support technology are expected to continue growing well into the future.

What Is Mining?

Mining refers to the calculation operations for required confirmations and record-keeping in validating the information (virtual currency transactions, etc.) transacted via blockchain. People that engage in mining are called “miners.” Miners acquire the right to a certain portion of the currency mined as rewards for these calculations. As an example, with Bitcoin as of March 2018, one miner among other miners could earn 12.5 BTC (equivalent to 11.58 million yen) every ten minutes.
Because of this, there is a rapidly growing market for mining as a business that supports blockchain technology and, even in Japan, major corporations and others are entering this market one after the other.

What is Idle Time Mining (ITM)?

Automated RPGs are currently popular around the world. Much time spent in such games is in automated play, and the amount of time players spend in actually manipulating the game themselves is often trifling. “ITM” refers to the use of game terminal resources left uncontrolled by game players during the time that automated game play is in effect, in order to mine the blockchain with a player’s permission. Terminal resources are not used for mining during game play and, thus, do not hinder players’ pleasurable gaming experiences.

Now Recruiting Partners

HecatonCave provides many possibilities, and we strongly believe that the service will make a major impact inside and outside the gaming industry.
We need the cooperation and feedback of all, in various forms, to drive the expansion and adoption of the service.
We at SmileMaker are recruiting partners to pioneer the potential of new businesses using HecatonCave with us.

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    Game Publishers

    Why not try your hand at building a diverse gaming world that goes beyond conventional game designs that rely on the Gacha mechanic or advertising?
    Our intent is to build a service that leverages feedback from all participants at the earliest stages.

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    Business Corporations

    We are considering synergistic and financial partnerships with a variety of businesses not necessarily tied to the gaming industry.
    Work with us to create a new blockchain business following the rapid growth rate of blockchain-related businesses.

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    who are interested in platform development applied cutting edge block-chin technologies

    Your job will be related to service planning,(you will be in charge of service planing) and constantly come into contact with cutting edge technology in “block-chiain and game” area. We need your creativity in order to develop our service. Would you like to work at our company which has open culture and environment?

Corporate Overview

Company Name
SmileMaker Inc.
June 20, 2008
Shinnosuke Udagawa(@shin_udagawa)
50 (as of February 2018)
Imas Nishi-Shinjuku Dai-1 Bldg. 2F Nishi-Shinjuku 3-9-2 Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
18.8 million yen (as of February 2018)
Shinnosuke Udagawa, CyberAgent, Inc.
Primary Businesses
Social games, and the planning, development, and management of social applications



Imas Nishi-Shinjuku Dai-1 Bldg. 2F
Nishi-Shinjuku 3-9-2 Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

8 minute walk from the Hatsudai Station
East Exit on the Keio New Line
9 minute walk from the Tochomae Station
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